I am always available for free critiques of the first five pages of any manuscript.

I am also available for writing mentorships in 30 or 60 minute packages for $30/hour. I have almost two decades of experience in teaching and work individually with students to develop their craft ability. Contact me for more information.


“Rebecca has an excellent eye for story and form. I enlisted her editing services several times for my short stories. She provided professional critiques in a timely manner, and everything was insightful and easy to understand. Her invaluable feedback helped me become a better writer and storyteller, and for that I’ll always be grateful. If you are looking for an outstanding editor, look no further.” ~ Spencer Sekulin, Writers of the Future Contest Winner

Editing Services

Short Story Critiques

Critiques from 1 word up to 5,000 words cost $25, with each additional thousand words rounded up (up to 15,000) adding $5. I guarantee turnaround within 30 days.

If you need or want a rapid turnaround, there is an ASAP rate of double the above, or $50 for the first 5,000 words and $10 for each additional thousand (up to 15,000). Up to 10,000 words I can usually turnaround in 24 hours.

Payment is due up front. No exceptions. I will not begin work until the payment is received. If I fail to meet the deadline, I will refund your money in full and still complete the critique, or critique another piece of similar length for free.

There will be no refunds for completed critiques.

In your email, please provide the following information:

Name, Story Title, Genre, Word Count, a one sentence summary of what your goals for the story are.

Contact me for more information.

Novel Editing

I provide developmental edits along with an as-I-go copy edit for completed manuscripts.

The first step would be for you to send the first ten pages of your manuscript. I will edit those, and then will get back to you with the sample edits and a complete estimate. I charge $40/hour, and 50% of that will be due up front if you find my estimate and sample edits acceptable. I’ll begin work once I receive the deposit and the manuscripts. For a rush job (less than thirty days), the fee is $50/hour. I currently guarantee completion within 90 days, although I aim for the soonest possible completion.

Please note that an estimate is just that, and the final price could vary up or–hopefully–down from the estimated price. I will be transparent and communicate regularly, and do everything I can to stay within the estimate. I base the estimate on page count (word count/250) and the time it takes me to work the sample.

Contact me for more information.