Rebecca E. Treasure

Rebecca grew up reading in the Rocky Mountains. After living many places, including the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and Tokyo, she began writing fiction. Rebecca’s short fiction has been published by or is forthcoming from Zooscape, Seize the Press, Galaxy’s Edge, Air & Nothingness Press, The Dread Machine, Flame Tree Publishing, WordFire Press, Galaxy Press, and others. She is the Flash Fiction Editor at Apex Book Company and Magazine, a freelance editor, and a writing mentor for young writers. She currently resides in Stuttgart, Germany, where she juggles children, a corgi, editing, and writing. She only drops the children occasionally.

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Published Works:

“Whose Waters Never Fail”, January 2020, A Dying Planet, Flame Tree Publishing

“Little Tom’s Reality”, October 2020, Upon A Once Time, Air & Nothingness Press

Reprinted October 2022, Etherea Magazine

White Sails and Stormy Seas“, coauthored with M. Elizabeth Ticknor, January 2021, Hold Your Fire, WordFire Press

Reprinted January 2022, NightShift Radio, Storyteller Series Print Edition

The Wizard, the Watcher, and the Waif“, January 2021, Storyteller Series, Night Shift Radio

“In Defiance of Death”, July 2021, Unmasked, WordFire Press

“I Will Not Be”, July 2021, Future Perfect in Past Tense, Air & Nothingness Press

Reprinted January 2023, Alternate Histories, Flame Tree Publishing

Harold’s Hook“, April 2022, Zooscape

“Tsuu Tsuu Kasva Suuremase”, April 2022, Writers of the Future Volume 38, Galaxy Press

No More Rainbow Cascades“, June 2022, NightShift Radio, Storyteller Series Podcast

Homunculus“, August 2022, Seize the Press Magazine

“Time’s Ravages”, March 2023, Hidden Villains: Arise, Inkd Publishing

“An Unkindness”, April 2023, MURDERBIRDS, Unhelpful Encyclopedia Volume One

“A Future Carved from Flesh”, April 2023, Gargantua, Air & Nothingness Press

“Boom Town”, May 2023, Darkness Blooms, The Dread Machine

“Moon and Sky, Feather and Stone”, Issue 62 May 2023, Galaxy’s Edge Magazine


“The Frog Wife”, TBA, Zooscape Magazine

“Silver-Plated Promises”, June 2023, Crimson Bones, Brigids Gate Press


Brewing the Potion to Become a Writer of the Future: An Alchemist’s Tale“, December 2019, Writers of the Future Blog

Journey Over Destination“, June 2022, Writers of the Future Blog

Magic in the Cracks“, June 2022, History Through Fiction Blog

Self-Compassion Toolkit: A Conversation on Mental Health and Writing“, August 2022, Apex Magazine


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